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Services And Support of CINIM

“At CINIM, we simplify lives by creating and delivering proven, reliable, high-quality programs that give people ways to cope with everyday challenges and improve their quality of life. We can help you and your community build strength and confidence.

You’ll find our programs are:

  • Safe, effective and reliable
  • Complementary to other treatments
  • Based on research, community need and user feedback
  • Created with insight from health-care professionals, educators, researchers and, most importantly, community members
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure effectiveness and relatability.

CINIM’s programs also include international learning exchanges, community engagement projects, extensive corporate and academic consultation and support, and widespread charitable endeavours.”

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Benefit Concert June 2nd, 2018 with



Morning view

There is something special about being able to stomp over fresh untouched snow whilst wrapped up head to toe in at least six layers of clothing. Is there anything better than popping on some wellies and going for a long walk in the crisp cold air whilst feeling the soft snow underneath your feet?

Probably not.”

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