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Realtor Karen Wright-Orsini

Word of mouth is still the most powerful advertising weapon you have in the head shot business.

I charge $125 for a head shot session.

However, all along the way, I always offer discounts for reshoots and referrals. The Referral Program for portraits and businesses is a great way to earn discounts on your next portrait session or getting cash just by telling friends and family about EXCPS!

When the person you refer becomes a client and brings their referral card to their session, you will receive 15% off your next session or 10% of the order amount of your friend order. The new client will get 15% off of their product order too.

It’s in this conversation that one person will usually say something like “I just got my head shot done by Andrea Todt. Check her out!”  Then, hopefully if they had a great time and enjoy the images, they say great things and help grow my business exponentially. I want people to have a good experience the whole way through – to delivery of the final images. They are likely to say things like, “It was great! We met for coffee that she even bought for me, and she listened and asked questions while answering all of my questions. The shoot was awesome and I never felt rushed.”.

This is what I want to offer as a professional photographer. Be one step ahead.